Public Outcry For Rightful Justice!

On November 28, 2015, the British public were shocked, saddened and appalled to see the harrowing story of Chunky the Chihuahua played out on national news. The shocking tale and images of the tiny…

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Race War?

Race War?

While my heart goes out to all involved in the Dallas Police shootings and also the other side; victims of what we would call Police brutality. It’s concerning me greatly, exactly where this is going, what’s going to happen and where these things come from. It seems in 2016, nobody can get along, everything is magnified and truths are hard to come by. With increasing violence, unrest and evil on the rise who can blame most people for burying their heads in the sand? While a few still have the attitude of taking no notice, they need to realise that this won’t be a choice they can take for much longer.

The world was astounded by two brutal Police killings of two innocent black men this week, one in Minnesota, which seemed completely avoidable. The officer in question saw no evidence of a gun, but presumed the suspect was reaching for one, so the officer shot and killed him,the victim’s girlfriend seemed to calmly video the whole thing while apparently, her young child was also in the back of the car. The other fatal shooting in Louisiana was another seemingly innocent guy, who unbelievably, used to frequently sit outside the very shop he was killed outside of, selling cd’s to make extra cash. By this, it seems highly unlikely he would be out there causing trouble. The two officers had this guy on the ground, restrained and he still got shot and killed. It begs the question “Does this seem like standard practice?” Now, the “Inevitable?” revenge killings in Dallas? I put a question mark there for a reason.

These happenings are outlandish,outlandish,outlandish to say the least. Can this be really happening? If it is, it’s because people have let it get this way! My only other option on this, is that it’s fake and it’s all being done for a reason. Even though I understand that things have a tendency to change, I simply cannot believe that people actually and genuinely feel this way about whole groups of people, judging from a few examples. How much further out of control is this stuff gonna get? We need to stand up like men, communicate and stop just killing  each other. Most of us already have it hard enough, what with the governments breathing down our neck most of the time, we need to make situations better with understanding. Unless it comes to those who can’t be reasoned with. However, what ever the circumstances, let’s not all kill each other, that’s not getting us anywhere.

Layers Upon Layers

Layers Upon Layers

Layers, I knew one day I’d get under them. For time is healing, with knowledge comes confidence and layers are there for a reason. The first time we met, I looked into your eyes and saw that the goodness was there, I knew it was inevitable and somewhat expected to take time, to see through those layers. As days and weeks, and months passed by, we became closer and great allies, through all of the things we pondered and tried to hide, there was a fire building inside! Further under the layers is an air of warmth and love, without taking the time, I would have no knowledge of. Layers are there for your protection, they are there in case of rejection, pain, ridicule and for sharp words. Although between us, this will not be the verse. You let me in and under your layers, forever you will be in my prayers, our love has bloomed, our layers have dropped. As for loving you, I will never stop! Layers

Signs Of The Times

From the beautiful world, when we were young, life was simple. There was true hope, happiness and love. The summer days would be long, happy and bright. The world worked in harmony with goodness, unity and light. The birds would sing, the flowers would grow, looks like back then we didn’t know, what would happen to this world and what it would be. We trusted the wrong people, improperly. Year by year, decade by decade, little did we know our beautiful world would fade. As we advanced, we forgot what was true, trusted the leaders that hindered our view, as technology advanced we took our eyes off the prize, allowing for misdirection, manipulation and lies. While we progressed, the world has digressed. The values we once held strong, lie on the floor in a mess! What the hell happened to our true humanity? Could we turn back the clock and stop technology? The world is now spiralling out of control, by the grace of God, we hold on to our souls. When is the darkness going to end? This world will never be the same again. Search your soul and look for the light… For until this time is over we will continue to fight!