The Indoctrination Of Nations!

Influence, influence, influence. It’s a very big word in a lot of aspects. Human beings are sensitive creatures. We need to be loved, valued and to feel part of something, part of a family and or different groups. If we look back at the ways of the world through the years, it’s clear to see that although we are separate entities, human beings tend to be influenced in groups. For instance, you can tell that we are influenced in different aspects by even the clothes that we have worn in the past.

Why do we tend to do this and follow certain people/ clothing and ways of life? Maybe it’s because we feel more valued doing these things and more like other people? I mean if you think about it there is no essential reason that we should do it. Apart from fitting in and to be part of the crowd. It almost seems a bit unnecessary, all the effort we spend just to have the right things and wear the right things just so we fit in. I find and have never found anything wrong with going completely the other way and wanting to be different. Surely it would be more interesting being slightly indifferent from others, I thought. Sadly, I feel many others just tend to go along with popular opinion, no matter what.


What really bothers me the most? Why am I writing this today? I have to say we have all watched this culture grow and blow up over the years. Most of us followed popular culture and mainstream culture as they grew up, me included. I don’t know how many of us adults actually watch what’s happening in the charts or in popular fashion anymore. That is, until it hits the streets anyway! Even if you don’t watch mainstream music videos on tv or the internet and you don’t see their show adds, maybe like me you still cannot fail to notice the narrative and visuals that have become like a calling card and seem to slowly get worse, as time goes on…


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Progression, they are calling it. Don’t get me wrong, I completely understand the concept and idea behind progression and indeed there is such a thing as natural progression. However, it seems terribly strange to me that all these artists are portraying the same behaviours, the same symbols and leading everybody down the same road. Which seems to be the road to immorality and ultimate freedom, too much freedom in my opinion. Does it seem to you that a lot of these girls are looking more and more like strippers and lap dancers in these videos? It sure does to me. What I hate about this is the fact that our Daughter’s and children look up to these stars as idols and for inspiration.


So what is it about the mainstream that tells you not to value yourself as a respected artist? To cheapen yourself in front of millions of people, encouraging loose moral values and self dis-respect? This has increased ten-fold in the last 20 years. Why indeed are they putting this out as a legitimate way to be when a lot of the things that these songs and videos promote are destruction. It’s a shame to think that in this world of the coveted and desired, these are our only aspirations. In reality, the mainstream seems to promote giving it all up just to see how much attention you could get. Good or bad. In this day and age, it actually seems to be more of a novelty to be coy and intellectual. As all we seem to see are stars trying to steal the limelight from each other, no matter what they have to do to get it.


Not to mention the company’s that instruct them from behind, choreographing every move. Just where does the lunacy end and common sense begin? When do we get to say enough is enough? Hasn’t this got a little predictable? Why can’t it just be about the music? So many have their rights faught for yet we are giving away ours freely it seems. It seems the average citizen, who chooses to go his own way has no rights against the mainstream anymore. Good people of the world,-we need to protect our children from this garbage, dehumanising behaviour. There is no ‘Decency’ anymore, there is no moral standard even for TV. We obviously need to keep a real check on what our kids are being influenced by since we don’t seem to have these standards regulated by the appropriate bodies. Unless of course, the mainstream turns around and starts bringing in respectful behaviour, why should we be subject to this?

Inspired by the video:The music game continues to reveal itself to the world. By: A Call For An Uprising, hosted on You Tube. Thanks For Reading! O.T.P


Public Outcry For Rightful Justice!

On November 28, 2015, the British public were shocked, saddened and appalled to see the harrowing story of Chunky the Chihuahua played out on national news. The shocking tale and images of the tiny canine touched the hearts of millions in the UK when he was stolen from his home by a group of teen thugs, ruthlessly tortured and left for dead by the side of a rubbish tip.                                                                                                                                                      


Little Chunky, just over a year old at the time, was put through a heart-wrenching ordeal which included being punched, kicked, set on fire, having his leg and neck broken and being fed with drugs. Chunky was found by a passer- by on the next evening after the attack. This was heartbreaking for his owners, who still had no idea of the where their beloved pet could be and what is even more shocking and disturbing, is the fact that the four youths who did these unspeakable things to a tiny, defenceless animal are all under the age of 19. The only good news is that miraculously Chunky survived. Kent RSPCA officer Caroline Doe, stated: “This was the most disturbing case I have ever dealt with by an absolute mile.”




Poor Chunky has now fully recovered, with much love and affection from his owners who have also been through a terrible ordeal because of these four, teen thugs who quite sickeningly, were looking for some amusement when they came across the tiny Chihuahua. This story has touched the heart of millions around the world who were heartbroken about the plite of the tiny dog and in turn angered that human beings could do such a thing. One such kind samaritan being Maxine Berry, who started the “Justice for Chunky” campaign and petition. Animal lovers across the UK were comforted by the actions of the campaign as it pushes the urgent need for this kind of crime to carry proper recognition and calls for perpetrators to be on a permanent register. Stopping them from ever owning an animal again. The “Animal Abuse Register.” I feel this is very little to ask of the UK government and what’s more is that the petition has to be filled before parliament would even consider it. Started in February 2016, the petition has now reached the 553,988 mark. This is our best chance for justice when perpetrators get such light sentencing/ consequences for their actions.          

The “Justice for Chunky” petition:

It is so important for those who care to do something about this. It seems the powers that be won’t do anything until this petition is complete. Therefore leaving things open for another crime like this one, to take place. Chunky’s abusers (to most people’s way of thinking) were not disciplined correctly , were not made an example of and for their crime, did not pay nearly enough.  The youths were served a ban on keeping animals for five years, ordered to pay costs and given a referral order (managed behaviour/monitoring or service)  for one year. What is of concern, is that by these light sentences, these youths will not realise the seriousness of their actions. The point needs to be pushed and indeed the message sent out, that this is NOT acceptable behaviour. This begs the question that if we cannot discipline perpetrators where animal abuse is concerned, how do we expect people to adhere to law where human beings are concerned? Animals are more defenceless and don’t have a voice. Which makes it even more despicable that people can even consider doing things like this. We have to start somewhere to monitor these things and the proposed “Animal Abuse Register,” would be a great place to start.


Left to Right: Marc Abraham, Chunky, Peter Egan, Marissa Heath,Maxine Berry, and Brian Berry ~Parliament. Petition Delivery Day, March 30, 2016.

It’s thanks to Maxine Berry and the kind hearted public that this campaign has been possible, without the good people of the world standing up, this would have been a lost cause for further justice and who knows, it could’ve happened again. The people of Chunky’s home town in Kent, were issued a police statement, warning against phone and social media backlash. Locals and the country alike were in uproar, after hearing of Chunky’s treatment. Knowing that the maximum sentence imposed for animal abuse would be six months imprisonment, (one of the lowest internationally.) That’s why this issue needs to be raised and addressed before it gets out of hand. In some US states, they already have an animal abuse register. We would like to have the same measures in place for our society, if not more.  We don’t see why these measures have not been met a long time ago. Surely, it is an important enough issue to not be left undone.      

Kent Online Report:

Further action has been taken by a few thousand more. Led by Louise Oldfield, there is a further campaign to review the lenient sentences of Chunky’s abusers. The petition is doing great so far, with only a few hundred left to sign. We will get parliament to take this seriously.

When people unite great things are created. Indeed, up until the last ten years, nothing was changed in law unless the people demanded it or it came from higher order. Unless we do something about this and demand change there is a good chance that no change will occur. Apart from the obvious implications of this being somewhat allowed to go on, we need to do everything in our power to reinforce to our children how unacceptable and disgraceful this kind of behaviour is. Especially since our laws do not seem to hold the same standards morally.


Another aspect and huge benefit from an “Animal Abuse Register” would be the fact that any perpetrator of abuse against an animal would be subject not only to be banned from keeping animals but would have their name on the register indefinitely. Serving as public record, this could be of use to police also. Bearing in mind that psychologist studies show that animal abusers are five times more likely to go on to abuse another human being. Please, if you can help Chunky’s campaign in any way, we would be so grateful of your support! One of the most important aspects of the campaign is the abuse register. We need to get this filled and into parliament ASAP to make sure that no innocent animal is EVER abused in this way in the UK again. Please spread the word. Governments need to be accountable and answer the people. Thank you so much for your support !


38 degrees
38 Degrees. People, power, change.




Race War?

Race War?

While my heart goes out to all involved in the Dallas Police shootings and also the other side; victims of what we would call Police brutality. It’s concerning me greatly, exactly where this is going, what’s going to happen and where these things come from. It seems in 2016, nobody can get along, everything is magnified and truths are hard to come by. With increasing violence, unrest and evil on the rise who can blame most people for burying their heads in the sand? While a few still have the attitude of taking no notice, they need to realise that this won’t be a choice they can take for much longer.

The world was astounded by two brutal Police killings of two innocent black men this week, one in Minnesota, which seemed completely avoidable. The officer in question saw no evidence of a gun, but presumed the suspect was reaching for one, so the officer shot and killed him,the victim’s girlfriend seemed to calmly video the whole thing while apparently, her young child was also in the back of the car. The other fatal shooting in Louisiana was another seemingly innocent guy, who unbelievably, used to frequently sit outside the very shop he was killed outside of, selling cd’s to make extra cash. By this, it seems highly unlikely he would be out there causing trouble. The two officers had this guy on the ground, restrained and he still got shot and killed. It begs the question “Does this seem like standard practice?” Now, the “Inevitable?” revenge killings in Dallas? I put a question mark there for a reason.

These happenings are outlandish,outlandish,outlandish to say the least. Can this be really happening? If it is, it’s because people have let it get this way! My only other option on this, is that it’s fake and it’s all being done for a reason. Even though I understand that things have a tendency to change, I simply cannot believe that people actually and genuinely feel this way about whole groups of people, judging from a few examples. How much further out of control is this stuff gonna get? We need to stand up like men, communicate and stop just killing  each other. Most of us already have it hard enough, what with the governments breathing down our neck most of the time, we need to make situations better with understanding. Unless it comes to those who can’t be reasoned with. However, what ever the circumstances, let’s not all kill each other, that’s not getting us anywhere.

Signs Of The Times

From the beautiful world, when we were young, life was simple. There was true hope, happiness and love. The summer days would be long, happy and bright. The world worked in harmony with goodness, unity and light. The birds would sing, the flowers would grow, looks like back then we didn’t know, what would happen to this world and what it would be. We trusted the wrong people, improperly. Year by year, decade by decade, little did we know our beautiful world would fade. As we advanced, we forgot what was true, trusted the leaders that hindered our view, as technology advanced we took our eyes off the prize, allowing for misdirection, manipulation and lies. While we progressed, the world has digressed. The values we once held strong, lie on the floor in a mess! What the hell happened to our true humanity? Could we turn back the clock and stop technology? The world is now spiralling out of control, by the grace of God, we hold on to our souls. When is the darkness going to end? This world will never be the same again. Search your soul and look for the light… For until this time is over we will continue to fight!

Brexit-The Okie-Cokie

Brexit-The Okie-Cokie

What happened on the 23/6/2016, will go down in history as one of the most surprising British referendums ever. The result of the national referendum turned out in favour of leaving the EU with a 51.9% lead. Shocking millions in the UK and around the world. In my experience, it seemed almost everybody wanted to leave. Mainly due to the fact that many of us Brits think that we are better off and more stable financially out of the EU. This is because the country seems to have gone downhill, since joining the EU and many feel we have lost our sovereignty  as an independent nation, as England seems to become more and more European all the time. Weather ‘Brexit’ will affect immigration, remains to be seen with the rules changing, it now means Britain will have full discretion concerning who enters the country.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 After much deliberation, jubilation and celebration, not to mention the tumbling Pound, falling stock markets and reactions of Priministers, across the board, there has been a huge reaction in London. Protests in front of the House Of Common last night, 28/06/16. The people there saying that they request a “Second” referendum as they believe that their views and rights have not been represented correctly. They argue that with just 51.9%, the vote was unacceptable and unfair. Regardless of my personal view on this subject, correct me if I’m wrong, but doesn’t this seem a like a backtrack on the whole referendum? It shouldn’t be up for debate if indeed this was a true referendum. If the whole thing was done again and the results were the same, could they accept it then? Or would we have to have another? I’m not sure a second referendum should be allowed. It’s not like we get to have another election if we don’t like the successful candidate. However, will parliament bend and allow this to happen? One wonders and wonders.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           Another leg to the story; London independence! The unthinkable, seems to be happening, who would ever think in a million years, that London wouldn’t be in the UK! Especially since it has always been the UK’s capital. Unbelievably, this seems to be the newest “Solution” to the Brexit row. London feel indifferent to the rest of the UK, with apparently, the most votes to stay in the EU coming from the region. It does seem a tad irrational at first thought. We will wait with baited breath, to see the outcome of these endeavours as we wait to see the fall out results from Brexit. Though one gets a feeling at this point that possibly just about anything could happen.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            

What Happened?

What Happened?

The world today, is a different world to the one I remember growing up. Silent, cold , uncaring. Why is this? When did people lose their voices? How come it’s okay for all these things to be going on around us? Weren’t most of us raised to be strong,true and to speak up for ourselves? I was raised by a strong mother in the midst of oppression and threat. For me to stand around and watch people being manipulated,lied to,attacked and even murdered is impossible. I cannot do it and I won’t .

It seems rather strange when you think of past years. If you’re around my age (35) maybe you will know what I’m talking about. When my generation was young, the worst threat we had in the UK was from the IRA ( they would plant a bomb, maybe every few months or send out letter bombs) That was considered barbaric in those times and was kind of the worst things got. The IRA were attacking England because they wanted them out of their country . England had shown up in Ireland to “help” the wars going on there but didn’t really help.

The way the world is now, for me it’s too unsettled. Doesn’t actually feel like you’re 100% safe anywhere, anymore. I have a hunch that that’s about to get worse too! It just seems like chaos everywhere lately.When we were growing up we used to moan about nothing ever happening! Well, there is plenty to keep us occupied now, but at least we had the freedom of being able to play out in the streets or in the area. Unfortunately, I’m not even comfortable enough for my own daughter to do that these days! All the terrible things that are happening daily now, we don’t even get a chance to grieve properly for anything, before having to get our heads around another catastrophe. Will it settle down or will it blow up? I know which I’d rather, and which is more likely to happen. We wait with dashed hopes daily, with everlasting patience, love and compassion. Maybe we’ll make it through ❤

Pride,Prejudice and Priority.

Pride,Prejudice and Priority.

So, the last thing I want to do is to always be the bad guy! However, I feel this needs to be said. No one could have been happier when Gay and Lesbian humans finally got respected and recognised for who they are. It has ALWAYS been of utmost importance to myself that everyone is treated equally and with respect. yet this is kind of my point here…  Continue reading “Pride,Prejudice and Priority.”