The Indoctrination Of Nations!

Influence, influence, influence. It’s a very big word in a lot of aspects. Human beings are sensitive creatures. We need to be loved, valued and to feel part of something, part of a family and or different groups. If we look back at the ways of the world through the years, it’s clear to see that although we are separate entities, human beings tend to be influenced in groups. For instance, you can tell that we are influenced in different aspects by even the clothes that we have worn in the past.

Why do we tend to do this and follow certain people/ clothing and ways of life? Maybe it’s because we feel more valued doing these things and more like other people? I mean if you think about it there is no essential reason that we should do it. Apart from fitting in and to be part of the crowd. It almost seems a bit unnecessary, all the effort we spend just to have the right things and wear the right things just so we fit in. I find and have never found anything wrong with going completely the other way and wanting to be different. Surely it would be more interesting being slightly indifferent from others, I thought. Sadly, I feel many others just tend to go along with popular opinion, no matter what.


What really bothers me the most? Why am I writing this today? I have to say we have all watched this culture grow and blow up over the years. Most of us followed popular culture and mainstream culture as they grew up, me included. I don’t know how many of us adults actually watch what’s happening in the charts or in popular fashion anymore. That is, until it hits the streets anyway! Even if you don’t watch mainstream music videos on tv or the internet and you don’t see their show adds, maybe like me you still cannot fail to notice the narrative and visuals that have become like a calling card and seem to slowly get worse, as time goes on…


x2capital fm
Little Mix
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The Spice Girls
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Progression, they are calling it. Don’t get me wrong, I completely understand the concept and idea behind progression and indeed there is such a thing as natural progression. However, it seems terribly strange to me that all these artists are portraying the same behaviours, the same symbols and leading everybody down the same road. Which seems to be the road to immorality and ultimate freedom, too much freedom in my opinion. Does it seem to you that a lot of these girls are looking more and more like strippers and lap dancers in these videos? It sure does to me. What I hate about this is the fact that our Daughter’s and children look up to these stars as idols and for inspiration.


So what is it about the mainstream that tells you not to value yourself as a respected artist? To cheapen yourself in front of millions of people, encouraging loose moral values and self dis-respect? This has increased ten-fold in the last 20 years. Why indeed are they putting this out as a legitimate way to be when a lot of the things that these songs and videos promote are destruction. It’s a shame to think that in this world of the coveted and desired, these are our only aspirations. In reality, the mainstream seems to promote giving it all up just to see how much attention you could get. Good or bad. In this day and age, it actually seems to be more of a novelty to be coy and intellectual. As all we seem to see are stars trying to steal the limelight from each other, no matter what they have to do to get it.


Not to mention the company’s that instruct them from behind, choreographing every move. Just where does the lunacy end and common sense begin? When do we get to say enough is enough? Hasn’t this got a little predictable? Why can’t it just be about the music? So many have their rights faught for yet we are giving away ours freely it seems. It seems the average citizen, who chooses to go his own way has no rights against the mainstream anymore. Good people of the world,-we need to protect our children from this garbage, dehumanising behaviour. There is no ‘Decency’ anymore, there is no moral standard even for TV. We obviously need to keep a real check on what our kids are being influenced by since we don’t seem to have these standards regulated by the appropriate bodies. Unless of course, the mainstream turns around and starts bringing in respectful behaviour, why should we be subject to this?

Inspired by the video:The music game continues to reveal itself to the world. By: A Call For An Uprising, hosted on You Tube. Thanks For Reading! O.T.P



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