On November 28, 2015, the British public were shocked, saddened and appalled to see the harrowing story of Chunky the Chihuahua played out on national news. The shocking tale and images of the tiny canine touched the hearts of millions in the UK when he was stolen from his home by a group of teen thugs, ruthlessly tortured and left for dead by the side of a rubbish tip.                                                                                                                                                      

The Telegraph.co.uk

Little Chunky, just over a year old at the time, was put through a heart-wrenching ordeal which included being punched, kicked, set on fire, having his leg and neck broken and being fed with drugs. Chunky was found by a passer- by on the next evening after the attack. This was heartbreaking for his owners, who still had no idea of the where their beloved pet could be and what is even more shocking and disturbing, is the fact that the four youths who did these unspeakable things to a tiny, defenceless animal are all under the age of 19. The only good news is that miraculously Chunky survived. Kent RSPCA officer Caroline Doe, stated: “This was the most disturbing case I have ever dealt with by an absolute mile.”




Poor Chunky has now fully recovered, with much love and affection from his owners who have also been through a terrible ordeal because of these four, teen thugs who quite sickeningly, were looking for some amusement when they came across the tiny Chihuahua. This story has touched the heart of millions around the world who were heartbroken about the plite of the tiny dog and in turn angered that human beings could do such a thing. One such kind samaritan being Maxine Berry, who started the “Justice for Chunky” campaign and petition. Animal lovers across the UK were comforted by the actions of the campaign as it pushes the urgent need for this kind of crime to carry proper recognition and calls for perpetrators to be on a permanent register. Stopping them from ever owning an animal again. The “Animal Abuse Register.” I feel this is very little to ask of the UK government and what’s more is that the petition has to be filled before parliament would even consider it. Started in February 2016, the petition has now reached the 553,988 mark. This is our best chance for justice when perpetrators get such light sentencing/ consequences for their actions.          

The “Justice for Chunky” petition: https://www.change.org/p/rt-hon-theresa-may-mp-justice-for-chunky

It is so important for those who care to do something about this. It seems the powers that be won’t do anything until this petition is complete. Therefore leaving things open for another crime like this one, to take place. Chunky’s abusers (to most people’s way of thinking) were not disciplined correctly , were not made an example of and for their crime, did not pay nearly enough.  The youths were served a ban on keeping animals for five years, ordered to pay costs and given a referral order (managed behaviour/monitoring or service)  for one year. What is of concern, is that by these light sentences, these youths will not realise the seriousness of their actions. The point needs to be pushed and indeed the message sent out, that this is NOT acceptable behaviour. This begs the question that if we cannot discipline perpetrators where animal abuse is concerned, how do we expect people to adhere to law where human beings are concerned? Animals are more defenceless and don’t have a voice. Which makes it even more despicable that people can even consider doing things like this. We have to start somewhere to monitor these things and the proposed “Animal Abuse Register,” would be a great place to start.


Left to Right: Marc Abraham, Chunky, Peter Egan, Marissa Heath,Maxine Berry, and Brian Berry ~Parliament. Petition Delivery Day, March 30, 2016.

It’s thanks to Maxine Berry and the kind hearted public that this campaign has been possible, without the good people of the world standing up, this would have been a lost cause for further justice and who knows, it could’ve happened again. The people of Chunky’s home town in Kent, were issued a police statement, warning against phone and social media backlash. Locals and the country alike were in uproar, after hearing of Chunky’s treatment. Knowing that the maximum sentence imposed for animal abuse would be six months imprisonment, (one of the lowest internationally.) That’s why this issue needs to be raised and addressed before it gets out of hand. In some US states, they already have an animal abuse register. We would like to have the same measures in place for our society, if not more.  We don’t see why these measures have not been met a long time ago. Surely, it is an important enough issue to not be left undone.      

Kent Online Report: http://www.kentonline.co.uk/thanet/news/thousands-sign-petition-calling-for-46998

Further action has been taken by a few thousand more. Led by Louise Oldfield, there is a further campaign to review the lenient sentences of Chunky’s abusers. The petition is doing great so far, with only a few hundred left to sign. We will get parliament to take this seriously. 


When people unite great things are created. Indeed, up until the last ten years, nothing was changed in law unless the people demanded it or it came from higher order. Unless we do something about this and demand change there is a good chance that no change will occur. Apart from the obvious implications of this being somewhat allowed to go on, we need to do everything in our power to reinforce to our children how unacceptable and disgraceful this kind of behaviour is. Especially since our laws do not seem to hold the same standards morally.


Another aspect and huge benefit from an “Animal Abuse Register” would be the fact that any perpetrator of abuse against an animal would be subject not only to be banned from keeping animals but would have their name on the register indefinitely. Serving as public record, this could be of use to police also. Bearing in mind that psychologist studies show that animal abusers are five times more likely to go on to abuse another human being. Please, if you can help Chunky’s campaign in any way, we would be so grateful of your support! One of the most important aspects of the campaign is the abuse register. We need to get this filled and into parliament ASAP to make sure that no innocent animal is EVER abused in this way in the UK again. Please spread the word. Governments need to be accountable and answer the people. Thank you so much for your support !


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4 thoughts on “Public Outcry For Rightful Justice!

  1. I would like to see an animal abuse register put in place. It is time these people who do thses horrendous crimes to any animal paid for their crimes and are named and shamed. Then placed on a registerer and not allowed to ever have pets again.

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