From the beautiful world, when we were young, life was simple. There was true hope, happiness and love. The summer days would be long, happy and bright. The world worked in harmony with goodness, unity and light. The birds would sing, the flowers would grow, looks like back then we didn’t know, what would happen to this world and what it would be. We trusted the wrong people, improperly. Year by year, decade by decade, little did we know our beautiful world would fade. As we advanced, we forgot what was true, trusted the leaders that hindered our view, as technology advanced we took our eyes off the prize, allowing for misdirection, manipulation and lies. While we progressed, the world has digressed. The values we once held strong, lie on the floor in a mess! What the hell happened to our true humanity? Could we turn back the clock and stop technology? The world is now spiralling out of control, by the grace of God, we hold on to our souls. When is the darkness going to end? This world will never be the same again. Search your soul and look for the light… For until this time is over we will continue to fight!


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